Monday, 12 December 2016

Our Beautiful World - Tis the Season

So many memories, so many "I cannot imagine Christmas without" ... one stands out: the Poinsettia. Every year my Grandmother used to get at least one pot and got many more as presents. She took pride in nursing them through all the Christmas period in their full flowery glory.
As child I could not imagine that these plants would ever grow in the wild ... how much was I mistaken! Here in La Palma Poinsettias grow in abundance and flower just in time for the Christmas period ... Merry Christmas! Petra.

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I love poinsettias and have only see one growing large as a bush in southwest Florida. Beautiful!

riitta k said...

That poinsettia is HUGE! Feliz Navidad!

Ros Crawford said...

Don't they look beautiful growing wild! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!

Ela said...

Such beautiful flowers !!