Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wreck Journal Wednesday

This is a first in many ways: This post is written on my mobile using Blogger.  It is the first post published since I have left the UK for a longish break and it is the first page of my 'Wreck this journal'.

Thank you so much to Carolyn for the encouragement!

Considering that I am sort of a neat and tidy person and having only relatively limited supplies at hand at the moment, I realised very quickly that my 'wrecking' would be quite neat and uncluttered ... and I am happy with this!

For my first page the instructions read: poke holes in this page using a pencil
... which I dutifully did. But it looked so bare! Having two Copics with me I colour-circled the holes ... and I like them much better now!

When poking the holes,  I made sure that the pencil left a mark on the page underneath ... these marks have been colour-circled as well to make sure that they do not get lost :-)

I attached two photos,  the one of the actual page and one showing the back and the page underneath ... thank you for visiting.  Petra.

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Hi Petra, so glad you made a start in the journal ... it will be a challenge for you to work on the prompts with limited materials. Working a little challenge each day will help you get started in other creative ways should you wish. I will email you dear. I hope your weekend is a very happy one. With love, Carolyn xx