Saturday, 7 February 2015

Fabric Collage ... base layer

This is all thanks to Carolyn and her fantastic tutorial

Step 1: I gathered the materials (image1)
Step 2: As fabric base I had only some linen measuring 25cm x 22.5cm. I realised it would be too thin and flimsy to hold the papers and everything else. So I glued the linen to some thin corrugated card donated by a cookie package containing chocolate cookies ... (image 2)
Step 3: Papers, lace,  fabric and whatever else I had at hand was then glued onto the base. (image 3)

I had only a small bottle of acrylic glue which I slightly thinned with water ... I have no idea at the moment how well this will all stick together - a true experiment!
You can also see that the fabric base is not fully covered which is a shame but .... I simply ran out of glue (big sigh)

I cannot wait till everything is dry so that I can start with the second part ...

Have fun and enjoy your weekend,  Petra.

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How absolutely lovely to see you posting regularly again. I am now having such a big catch up enjoying seeing your creativity. This stage of the collage is a beauty ... I've gone back quite a few posts and now reading up to date. Sending big hugs your way for a GOOD week ahead. Carolyn xx