Monday, 23 February 2015

Fabric Collage ... stitching

Fabric collage part 3 :
Progress has been VERY slow but it's done! I finished the stitching of my fabric collage .... so pleased and happy (image 1) :-)
I used three types of hand stitches - sort of running stitch, zigzag and cross stitch. All stitches were done with single sewing thread and a sturdy embroidery needle to get through all the layers and the glue ... I couldn't believe it but I broke one in the process .... (image 2)
The back of the collage looks a bit of a mess ... but quite an interesting one (image 3)
Now the next step requires a sharp scissor and some bravery ... according to Carolyn I have to cut this one piece into four .... I will let you know when it's done :-)


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Julie Ann Lee said...

I didn't know about this new blog. I really enjoyed reading about the progress on this collage and look forward to seeing further developments! xx