Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Words and Thoughts - Afraid

A very long time ago I stumbed across a book written by Gabriele Rico about word clusters and how to use them to initiate your writing.

I have really never been able to write good essays at school and I always wondered ... When reading about the Rico Clusters and how to use them I gave it a go and oh wonder. All of a sudden I seemed to be able to write little pieces with little nothing more than having one word to begin with.
For quite a few years I didn't do any more till I recently came across these little pieces, and together with the inspiration from a lady who writes here on La Palma, I felt I had to start again.

The first piece evolved around the word: afraid

What and why am I afraid?
Am I not old enough to get rid of fears and worries?
Why is it that rejection is still an issue?
Why am I still in fear of what might happen if I am not very nice - even if it means sticking to decisions which hurt myself?
Why is it that every day feels so hard to get on with live and find the positives?
Why is every day a struggle and a fight to move forward?
What is it that for every step forward there is almost always the same step backwards?
Where is the courage, where is the boldness I thought I had found?

Buried under familiar habits, concealed under well-rehearsed self-protection. 
Time is running out but I will NOT EVER stop trying!
Trying to breath!
Trying to break the old habits!
Trying to be myself!

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