Sunday, 15 May 2016

Our Beautiful World - By The Sea

Gosh - it has been such a long time since my last blog post ... and so much has happened! Most recently I retired and moved to a relatively small but very beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean - La Palma. I love the sea with it's ever changing rhythm and colours.

Dotted along the coast line of La Palma are small coastal settlements - mainly holiday homes. They are very much exposed to wind, waves and the sea. One of these settlements is Playa Hoyo situated right next to the airport of Santa Cruz de La Palma

 The planes turn into the airport right above the coastal houses.

The sea and it's impact is never far away from life on La Palma.

Wishing you all a very good start to your week and I promise not to leave it for this long before writing a new blog post 😊 Petra.

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Ros Crawford said...

Terrific photos for the prompt...My husband loves planes and he'd love to live there and just watch everyday! Thanks for sharing at OBW!!

Ariadne said...

Thanks for sharing in Our Beautiful World. AriadnefromGreece!

Em Louise Fairley said...

Beautiful, Petra!