Monday, 9 February 2015

Fabric collage ... colouring

The base layer had dried and the second part of the project could start: painting/colouring with

I used them to blend areas together and to highlight some. They worked very well, the intensity of the colour varies though. On very thin paper like newspaper the colour is a very pale shade while on materials like lace it is quite intense.
After I had finished I found that in some parts it still looked too white and too harsh.  Using more of the Copics would have been too much ... I remembered my colouring pencils

I chose a very pale pink to tone down the areas and it worked very well.  The colouring is quite subtle - exactly what I wanted.

Now the next stage is the sewing part .... thank you for visiting! This is linkef to Carolyn's fabulous tutorial.

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I think the copics and pencils have worked very well. They've blended and pulled your piece together. I'm enjoying seeing the results of your experiments.